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Welcome to the Congregational Collaboration Board. By sharing personnel, congregations can expand work opportunities for talented staff while enhancing programs and services in UU faith communities.

See Sharing Staff to learn about making these arrangements work well. Please note that for UUA benefits purposes, hours for multiple participating employers are aggregated.

Congregations Seeking Staff for Collaboration

Religious Education

Region Location Position Percent Time Link
Andersonville, TN SAMPLE - Religious Education Coordinator 5-10 hrs View Details



Region Location Position Percent Time Link
Central-East Region Mount Kisco, NY Membership and Outreach Coordinator 13 hours/week View Details



Region Location Position Percent Time Link
Central-East Region Plattsburgh, NY Digital Outreach Coordinator Approximately 8 hours per week View Details


Louisville UU Collective is offeringseeking a/an Adminstrator/Executive staff person.

Position Title: Clerk / Bookkeeper

Location: Louisville UU Collective
Louisville, KY
MidAmerica Region

Percent of Time or Hours: 8 hours / week (25% time)

Remote work is possible for this position


Our current bookkeeper will need to dedicate most of her time to care for her mother. We need someone to help pick up the slack, and are willing to pay for that help.
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